A Faulty Power Steering Pump Makes Driving in Bloomsburg Difficult

If your vehicle has a hydraulic power steering system, it also has a power steering pump. This pump pressurizes the power steering fluid so that it is easy to control your automobile. The average lifespan of a power steering pump is 100,000 miles. If your vehicle has more mileage on it than that, you may notice one or more of the following signs of a faulty power steering pump. If you do, bring your automobile into George Automotive Services for a power steering inspection.

Strange Sounds

There are a variety of sounds that a faulty power steering pump will make. First, your vehicle may squeal when you fire it up. If you hear a squealing sound when you first start your automobile, this is a sign that you have a loose accessory belt. The accessory belt powers the power steering pump, and the fact that the belt is loose can affect the power steering pump, as well.

You may also hear your vehicle whine or squeal when you turn the steering wheel. Another sound that is common with a faulty power steering pump is moaning. If your car is groaning every time that you make turns, or you hear whining or squealing, this is an indication that the power steering pump is going bad. It can also be a sign that you are seriously low on hydraulic power steering fluid, but more likely, there is a problem with the power steering pump that is making any of the strange sounds discussed above.

Steering Trouble

You will also have problems steering your automobile if the power steering pump has gone bad. One of the more dangerous problems is your vehicle not responding to your steering. In other words, you may turn the steering wheel but your vehicle won’t make the turn. This is definitely a sign that there is a problem with your steering system and that problem most likely lies with the power steering pump.

You may also feel as if your steering wheel is stiffer than it normally is. A faulty power steering pump will make it much harder to turn the steering wheel. In fact, you may think that you don’t have power steering at all, which, at the moment, you don’t because the power steering pump has failed.

Don’t worry. George Automotive Services in Danville, PA, can help. Call us today to schedule a service appointment for your power steering system if you are having difficulties controlling your automobile. It’s possible that your power steering pump has gone bad.

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