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Preventative Maintenance

Fast Preventative Auto Maintenance in Danville & Bloomsburg, PA

Owning a vehicle is a wonderful way to get around, but it also requires due diligence from the owner. When it comes to a healthy car, there are a few preventative maintenance services that you should have performed regularly. If you need to attend to your car, bring it to George Automotive Services, where our professionally trained mechanics can ensure that your car is healthy and running the way it should.

Car problems happen to everyone from time to time! Yes, it’s important to bring your car to a mechanic when that happens. But equally important for keeping your car in shape is preventative maintenance. 

Why, exactly? 

This regular care means that any potential issues get addressed — BEFORE they become seriously unsafe. At George Automotive Services, our expert team is ready to inspect your vehicle so you know it’s safe, reliable, and operating at its best. 

What Preventative Maintenance Services Do We Offer?

So, what exactly goes into preventative maintenance? 

Oil Changes

Getting regular oil changes is one of the most important things you can do to protect your engine. Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 miles, but it could also depend on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. When you bring your car to us, we’ll install a brand-new oil filter and use the correct oil type that works with your vehicle.

Fluid and Belt Inspections

Most vehicles need a variety of different fluids to perform. These fluids should be clean and free of leaks. With proper preventative maintenance, you should check fluid levels like the coolant or antifreeze, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. You should also have the timing and serpentine belt checked since these items need to be replaced approximately every 60,000 miles. If the belts are damaged, they may need to be replaced sooner.


Tires with worn-out tread or low air levels can be dangerous, but getting them repaired or replaced is expensive. If you have low tread, you need to address it soon since it can pose a safety problem. Get the air level in your tires checked along with the current tread level so you can be sure that they are in good condition. You should also have the alignment checked and get done if the tread is beginning to wear unevenly.


The air filter in your car should be replaced regularly, and it’s usually based on mileage according to your owner’s manual. If you drive in a dusty environment or drive in heavy traffic, it may become dirty earlier than usual. When you replace the air filter, it makes driving more comfortable and allows for healthier airflow throughout the passenger cabin.

Battery Checks

If your battery runs out of power, you could be left stranded. Check the battery terminals to make sure there is no rust or mineral buildup. Cleaning them is an easy and quick fix that will ensure that your car starts up in the morning. Consider getting a battery test, where we can easily look at the battery’s power level and make any recommendations. A battery that is healthy and in good condition will return the favor by ensuring that your vehicle runs as it should.

Scheduling Your Preventative Maintenance Appointment

Have a specific concern about your vehicle? Or is it just due for an all-over maintenance inspection? George Automotive Services is here to help. Call us today to schedule your appointment and keep your vehicle safe

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