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Auto Diagnostics Testing in Danville & Bloomsburg, PA

If your vehicle is not running as smoothly as it should, it could result from a broken part, engine issues, or a myriad of other problems. Getting the right diagnosis for your car can mean the difference between a simple, quick fix and a lengthy, expensive repair. Before you decide to get your car repaired, it’s a good idea to have a full diagnostic done to get a more accurate snapshot of the problem. At George Automotive Services in Danville, PA will provide you with the report of a complete vehicle diagnostics test and guide you through the repair process so you can drive away in confidence.

Modern Vehicle Diagnostics

All newer vehicles have something called an onboard computer system installed. This system is designed to hold an assortment of special codes that indicate to your mechanic when something goes wrong. When your check engine light or your service engine soon light comes on, that usually means the computer has noted a recurring code. The average consumer cannot see nor gain access to these codes unless they have the right tools and software. An experienced mechanic can perform a test to access the codes and decipher them to troubleshoot the problem.

Don’t leave your vehicle’s reliability to chance. If your check engine light has come on repeatedly or it’s staying on, bring it to us for a full test. We’ll see all the pertinent codes and then make the proper recommendations for any repair you will need. These thorough tests allow us to gain a better idea of exactly what’s happening with your car. Each vehicle and vehicle model uses particular codes, and we can determine what they mean for your vehicle.

Every vehicle on the road today brings with it a lot of uniqueness as well as complexity.  There are no two cars that function exactly the same.  Every vehicle is going to have its own electronic system, components, and more.  This is why it is critical to work with professionals who can perform diagnostics on all types of cars to help you understand potential issues.

Diagnostic Services

So what comes standard as part of routine diagnostic services executed by a professional?  With diagnostic services, it starts with a visual inspection of the vehicle and all of the components you see with the naked eye.

The next piece of the puzzle is an analysis of the system itself.  Some vehicles will give error codes that can help to pinpoint the exact problem area.

There may be service bulletins the manufacturer of vehicles puts out.  These research technical bulletins can alert professionals of an issue that needs remediation.  

Component testing is a matter of doing a diagnostic test on each part of the vehicle.  This will help you be sure that the components are all doing their job and functioning.  

When and Why to Do Diagnostics

So when and why should you be doing diagnostics on your vehicle?  Diagnostic services should be done when you are experiencing any issues with driving.  If you are having a reduction in fuel economy, this is another good sign you could benefit from diagnostics.  Finally, if you have a check engine light or service engine light illuminated or flashing, get diagnostics done.  A team of professionals who perform diagnostic services correctly will help to get to the root cause quickly to work towards a repair.

The Next Steps

Once we read the codes and determine the issue, we’ll let you know exactly what we find. We will also do a brief driving test to see if the codes are matching with the symptoms. As soon as we diagnose the problem, we provide you with a free estimate that spells out every issue and its cost. Our goal is for you to have a transparent mechanic who understands the many nuances that vehicles have. After the car’s diagnostic test, we’ll perform all needed repairs or service so you can get back to driving and enjoying your normal routine worry-free.

Auto Diagnostics Near Me

Bring your vehicle to George Automotive Services for exceptional repair, customer service, and other vehicle services. Visit us at one of our auto repair shop locations for your vehicle diagnostics, or schedule an appointment today!

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