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Yes, we can fix it for you NOW – same day service available. We are grateful for your business and for helping us be the best, fastest automotive repair shop around.

We strive for excellence and we are proud to serve you and your vehicle. We look forward to serving you in the future!

George Automotive Services is a provider of top-tier auto repair services across the state of Pennsylvania. Are you having issues with your vehicle that need to be addressed as soon as possible? Well, we are the team that can work to fix it now with same-day service available.

Our team loves to service you, our customers. When you enter our automotive services locations, we are grateful you have chosen us for your business and are allowing us to get your ride back in tip-top shape. The goal is always excellence, and we are ready to serve you by delivering just that.

Preventative Maintenance and Diagnostics

One of the more common services that we provide includes the bucket of preventative maintenance as well as diagnostics. When thinking about preventative maintenance, there is a lot that you can do to ensure your vehicle continues to perform at its peak. Preventative maintenance includes everything from the rotation of your tires, changing oil and transmission fluid, checking coolant levels, brake fluid, and more. What our team can do is to help you understand all of the different preventative maintenance options available as well as the benefits they provide. When doing this, you can decide as to what you want to embark on based on the benefits of each of those services.

Diagnostics is another key piece of the puzzle when talking about your vehicle. Have you ever been on the road to find that your check engine light has come on? You have no clue why, but that light is just staring at you in the face as you drive down the road. We are going to be able to decipher for you exactly what that check engine light means. The goal should be to understand and then act on it.

Same-Day Service and Transparency

Once you know what needs to be done for your vehicle, we can help you with a combination of same-day service as well as transparency. When we go through the diagnostics and determine the root cause of your automotive issues, we will be able to give you a quote that details everything. This will include the repair needs that have to occur, the parts list going along with it, and the price point for all that. We will also go through with you in detail the labor costs, again so nothing is a surprise.

When we do this, we will be able to execute the repair task fast. Our goal is always same-day service so that you are left without a vehicle for as short of a period as possible.

Simplicity and Execution

We want to keep things simple for you. Whether it is helping you out with financing or providing you peace of mind via one of our warranty offerings over our services, confidence is the key thing we want our customers to leave with. We want to be sure you are more than satisfied with the work completed and confident that your vehicle is going to perform exactly as you expect.

The combination of fast, expert, and honest service is what sets George Automotive Services apart from its competitors. Give us a look, and let us help keep or get your car driving perfectly again.

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