Electrical System Inspections And Repairs

Your vehicle contains many electrical components. These electrical parts are responsible for firing up your motor. Some electrical parts control the lights and your car’s heating and cooling system. Don’t drive your vehicle if you detect an electrical problem. Contact a mechanic at George Automotive Services for help with all types of vehicle electrical systems.

Signs of A Problem

The signs below could be indicative of an electrical problem. Each car model is different. This may necessitate a distinct approach when your car is serviced by one of our mechanics.

Faulty Lighting

If the electrical wiring that runs to your lighting system fails to operate, you may notice that your car’s interior and exterior lighting is dim. Wiring that fails to operate may prevent lights from turning on at all. Lighting issues require diagnostic testing. The wires and the fuse box within your vehicle will need to be inspected.

Battery Problem

The battery cables and terminals that are under your hood could need to be replaced. If your car’s battery fails to operate, it may need to be replaced. If the battery loses its charge quickly, the wiring that is attached to the battery should be inspected.

One of our mechanics will test each electrical component that is attached to the battery. They will make sure that the wiring is intact. They will also ensure that the outer layer of each wire is not cut or damaged in another way.

Faulty A/C Components

Fault A/C components may be a direct result of an electrical issue. If you notice that the A/C unit isn’t blowing cold air, don’t continue to use the air conditioning. There are many parts connected to the air conditioning unit. These parts include a series of wires. Each wire that makes up the A/C electrical system will need to be inspected.

The mechanic who performs this service will trace each wire back to where it was installed. They will make sure that the wires are secure and damage-free. If a wire is compromised, the mechanic will swap it out. An electrical fix like this can be completed during a standard appointment.

Other Services

Our mechanics at George Automotive Services will help you keep your car safe and ready to drive. Addressing electrical problems is just one of the specialties that our mechanics handle. Some additional services that we offer include fluid flushes, battery checks, brake checks, tire rotations, and transmission repairs.

We provide a range of comprehensive services that the owners of domestic and foreign vehicles can request during a routine appointment.


Now that you have reviewed the importance of your vehicle’s electrical system, don’t neglect to maintain this system. Contact a mechanic at George Automotive Services to schedule a maintenance appointment. Simply call 570-554-1144 or 570-605-4006 to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations.

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