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Transmission Service Danville
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Your transmission is an essential part of your engine operation. Over time, it runs under immense stress and heat, which may cause excessive wear and tear over time. The transmission system also uses a fluid vital to protecting an assortment of moving parts in your engine. If you need transmission service or a new transmission, let the experts at George Automotive Services help you get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Transmission Fluid Service

Like any other fluid in your vehicle, the transmission fluid can get dirty and clogged with dust and other debris. You may also have a leak that’s causing your system to lose transmission fluid. The fluid protects and provides lubrication for parts like the shafts, drums, clutch pack, and bearings. For most vehicles, you should have your transmission fluid replaced every 25 to 30,000 miles. The chemistry in the transmission fluid can break down, causing it to be ineffective.

A quality transmission fluid service will breathe new life into your car. We will carefully empty all transmission fluid and check for any possible leaks. Then, we’ll add new fluid that matches your unique vehicle’s specifications. The new fluid will help to protect your engine from excess heat buildup and other potentially serious problems. You should consider including regular transmission fluid changes in your preventative maintenance routine.


In some cases, your transmission may need to be repaired or rebuilt entirely. A repair usually requires a simple installation of new parts that have become damaged or worn. This should restore your car’s transmission to good operating condition and will get you back on the road at a fairly reasonable cost. We service transmissions but we do not do re-builds.

Transmission Repair Near Me

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