Common Automotive Leaks and Their Causes

Nobody wants to see spots on the floor when they back out of their garage. George Automotive Services fixes automotive leaks all the time. As your car, truck, crossover, or SUV ages, leaks happen; it’s a common occurrence in aging parts. It’s pretty easy to tell what auto fluid is leaking out of your car by its color. Let’s talk about common leaks that every automobile can suffer from and what causes them.

Brake Fluid

Clear to light-brown when new, dark brown-to-black when old, brake fluid will leak near the wheels. This thin and oily fluid is slick to the touch and often leaks from worn brake hoses, the caliper seals, or the master or wheel cylinders. Loose bleeder valves can also leak brake fluid, but no matter where the leak is coming from, it’s crucial to have it fixed right away as your car cannot stop without brake fluid.

Engine Coolant/Antifreeze

Engine coolant/antifreeze leaking from your automobile could be blue, bluish-green, green, pink, red, or even yellow. This auto fluid smells sweet and can leak from a blown head gasket, which is devastating to your engine. If your radiator is old and rusty, the fluid can also leak from a hole in the bottom. Other coolant leaks occur when the radiator hoses, gaskets, and seals are worn or the water pump is leaking.

Motor Oil

We aren’t going to candy-coat this: An oil leak can literally kill your engine. Motor oil is light brown when it’s brand new and dark brown when it’s old. Reasons behind oil leaks include a degraded pan gasket, a hole in the oil pan, a broken or corroded oil seal, a clogged or worn out oil filter, filler cap problems, or valve gasket problems. Low motor oil will overheat the engine parts and cause them to seize up.

Power Steering Fluid

If you drive a vehicle with a hydraulic power steering system, then you’ve got power steering fluid. This fluid is red, and it will leak toward your engine’s front. The fluid might be brownish if it’s been exposed to heat or air, and power steering fluid can leak from the o-rings, seals, or the power steering pump. Losing the fluid will affect your ability to control your automobile, so have the leak fixed ASAP.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is also red, but it leaks from the center of your car. As transmission fluid ages, it turns brown. Pink transmission fluid means coolant has mixed with the fluid. Transmission fluid can leak from a cracked pan, a leaking pan gasket, a leaking drain plug, the transmission hoses, or the torque converter. Low transmission fluid can cause gear-shifting problems and an overheated transmission.

George Automotive Services would be happy to find the source of your automotive leak and fix it. Call our auto repair shop in Danville, PA, today.

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