Engine Diagnostic Tests Are the Best When Your Check Engine Is On

If you search the internet for check engine light information, you will find all sorts of contradictory information. Studies show that, in most cases, the check engine light comes on because your engine has a problem. This does not mean, however, that it can’t also come on because of a faulty engine control module (ECM). George Automotive Services talk about your check engine light below and how diagnostic testing helps us.

How the Check Engine Light Works

Every automobile today has an ECM, and this part is the main computer chip in your vehicle. It communicates with all of your system sensors to ensure that your automobile is running as efficiently and as safely as possible. If there is a minor problem, the ECM can usually fix it. If something major happens, however, the ECM will turn on the dashboard warning light associated with the specific problem. If the issue does not have a dashboard warning light, the ECM will turn on the check engine light.

Reasons Why the Check Engine Light Comes On

The most common reasons why the ECM turns on a check engine light include a failing or clogged catalytic converter, problems with the engine control module itself, problems with the electrical system or system sensors, exhaust system trouble, malfunctions of the mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor failure, trouble with the spark plugs, or trouble with the transmission. All of these things can be serious, and the ECM cannot fix them on its own.

How Diagnostic Tests Help

When you bring your automobile into our shop because your check engine light will not turn off, we run a diagnostic test that connects to your ECM and downloads all of its data. From that data, we can find specific error codes that explain why the ECM turned on your check engine light. Specific engine problems have their own error codes attached to them. This points us directly to the problem that caused the ECM to turn on your check engine light in the first place. This not only reduces the time it takes for us to diagnose your engine’s problems, but it also allows us to get your car fixed much faster.

George Automotive Services strives to be the best auto shop in Danville, PA. We take you and your automobile very seriously. Give us a call today if your check engine light has come on, or if it is coming on sporadically. Either way, there is something going on underneath your hood.

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