Engine Repair on European Cars: What Danville Drivers Need to Know

Chances are you’re already familiar with many European car companies. BMW, Volkswagen, and Fiat are just a few of the most popular makers. If you own one of these vehicles and need engine repair for European cars in Danville, you should know a few things. 

First and foremost, European cars are a lot different under the hood than their American counterparts. For example, most foreign cars run on diesel fuel instead of gasoline. Second, most engines in American-made vehicles are bigger than those made by European companies. 

As such, you’re going to want to have someone who specializes in European cars work on your vehicle. Today, we’re going to take a look at what you need to know about getting your European car repaired.

Common Engine Repairs for European Cars

Before we dive into why you should hire a garage that specializes in European cars for engine repair, let’s look at some of the most common repairs needed on the engine of a European car. Like their American counterparts, European vehicles can run into issues that need repairs over the years. While many of these issues might seem the same on paper, they require a specific skill set to address and repair properly. The kinds of repairs a European car is susceptible to include the following:

  • Coolant Leakage – A crack in your car’s coolant engine or a slight separation in the coolant reservoir can cause it to leak.
  • Transmission Problems – Sometimes all your transmission needs is a change of transmission fluid or a software update. Other times, your car can have a problematic gearbox.
  • Oil leakage – This can cause a burning smell or white smoke to come from the hood or tailpipe.
  • Alternator Issues – It makes it hard to start your car.
  • Electrical issues – This can cause a number of problems with your car.

While these all may seem like issues that just about any car can run into, it’s important to note that the systems in a European vehicle are not the same as American models. This means that you need someone with specific knowledge of your car to repair it. It also means that your vehicle may need particular parts that are not standard in America. For these reasons, you should consider bringing your vehicle to a shop that specializes in European cars.

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Why Go With A Shop That Specializes In European Cars?

A number of shops might claim that they can repair any car. Even if this is true, there are limitations to that. They might not be as experienced in European cars as with other vehicles, meaning your car would be worked on by someone who lacks the necessary knowledge. Also, shops that work on everything probably won’t have the right parts in-house if they don’t work on many European cars. This could mean that you’ll ultimately wait for days or even weeks for a specific part to come in so a trained mechanic can repair your vehicle. Suppose you take your car to a shop that specializes in European vehicles. In that case, you’re not only going to get a high level of experience working on your vehicle, but they’ll likely have the parts you need already in stock, so you can get back on the road in no time.

When looking for a shop specializing in European cars, you should look for shops with technicians who are ASE certified. This stands for Automotive Service Excellence. In other words, they have the expertise to work on your European car. You should also check to see how up-to-date their equipment is. If they’re using old or outdated equipment, this also means that they don’t have the capabilities to work on your vehicle.

A shop specializing in European car repairs will offer an attention to detail that you’re not going to get if you go with the cheapest and closest repair shop you can find on Google. You should also look for a shop with testimonials and good online reviews. The ideal auto shop has the parts in stock and knows what they’re doing. They also don’t cut corners when making repairs. 

George Automotive Services’ Engine Repair for European Cars in Danville is Here to Help You

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