How Can I Tell if My Volkswagen’s Engine Needs to Be Replaced?

You love your classic Volkswagen, and you never want to get rid of it. We get that here at George Automotive Services. Classic VWs have storied histories attached to them. If you plan to drive your classic VW for the rest of your life, there will come a time when it will need a new engine. Let’s talk about the signs that your VW’s engine needs to be replaced below.

It Doesn’t Have Any Power

As with any piece of machinery, there will come a point when your VW does not have power anymore. No matter how many different ways we service the engine, it still won’t generate power. This is a sign that your VW’s engine has reached the end of its life. There isn’t any specific thing to pinpoint. Simply put, the engine has died and it needs to be replaced.

It Has Excessive Exhaust Smoke

Before this happens, you may end up with excessive exhaust flowing out of your VW’s tailpipe. When this happens, you have automotive fluid hemorrhaging in the engine. For example, if the exhaust smoke is black, you have a fuel hemorrhage. The other two colors of exhaust smoke are blue and white and the fluids hemorrhaging are oil and coolant, respectively.

It Has Metal in the Oil

Your VW’s engine will die completely if it has metal in the oil. This is a definite sign that the engine needs to be replaced. The reason why there is metal in the motor oil is that the engine parts are disintegrating. They have reached the end of their life and they are literally falling apart and dissolving into the oil as it passes over them. This cannot be repaired. The engine must be replaced.

It Knocks All the Time

If your VW’s engine knocks all the time, this, too, can indicate that there is a serious problem in the cylinder block. The pistons move up and down in the cylinders to help generate engine combustion. They are attached to rods and rod bearings that help facilitate this movement. Constant knocking is a sign that the rod bearings have worn out and the pistons are banging against the inside of the cylinders.

It Overheats All the Time

Finally, if your VW’s engine overheats all the time, we may need to replace it if we can’t resolve the issue. Issues that can be resolved are a cracked exhaust manifold or problems with the cooling system. If you have a cracked head gasket or engine block, however, we may need to replace your VW’s engine.

You can count on George Automotive Services in Danville for all of your Volkswagen service and repair needs. Call us today for a VW engine inspection.