How Can You Tell Whether You Have Bad Tires?

Your tires are a crucial part of both your car’s handling and its safety. George Automotive Services wants you to be safe while you’re driving, and we also want you to enjoy your driving experience as much as possible. That’s why we recommend that you follow these tips to keep up with how your tires are wearing, as this directly affects their ability to grip the road and your vehicle’s handling.

You Hear Humming or Thumping

Tires are always going to make noise because they’re pressed directly to the road. There’s normal road noise, though, and then there are other noises. If you’re hearing thumping or humming noises, this can be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your tires. Humming suggests that you are driving on bald tires, which can blow out. Thumping could mean that you’ve got a severe wheel balance problem.

You Feel Vibration or Wobbling

Another sign that you have a serious wheel balance problem is wobbling or vibrating sensations. The sensations will increase as you pick up speed. The faster your tires rotate the more noticeable it is that the wheels aren’t balanced properly. Wheel alignment can also cause vibration and wobbling, as can uneven tire inflation or tire tread wear that is in patches or cups. Your ride should be smooth.

You Don’t Have Any Traction

Another sign of uneven tire tread wear is a loss of traction. Misaligned and unbalanced wheels also make it harder for the tires to retain their grips on the roads. Everything might feel fine when you’re driving on dry roads, but if you have a traction problem, you will slip and slide on wet and icy roads. Traction loss generally points to tire tread, i.e., your tires do not have enough tread anymore to grip the road.

Visual Inspections Can Help

Tires wear down as you drive because the asphalt chips away at the tread. One of the best ways to tell if you have bad tires is to visually inspect monthly. Walk around your car and look carefully at each tire in good light. Examine the tread, look at the sidewalls, and get a baseline of the tread depth. Use a tire tread gauge or a penny to test your tread depth monthly. Replace your tires once the tread is too low.

Is it time for new tires? George Automotive Services in Danville, PA, can take care of that for you. Give us a call today to schedule a tire and wheel inspection and service.

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