Is Your Car Doing This? If So, You Need New Brakes. Here’s How a Danville Auto Repair Shop Can Help

If you own a car, there will be a time when you need new brakes. On average, the brakes in your vehicle can last anywhere from 25,000 to 65,000 miles. So, it’s fair to say that the more often you travel, the more likely you’ll need brake repair. While it’s good to keep track of your mileage to know when certain repairs may be imminent, it is essential to know the common signs of brake replacement. 

If your car is doing any of the following, it’s time to bring it into a Danville brake repair shop. 

1. There’s Squealing Every Time You Brake


Do you hear squealing every time you tap the brake? If so, this is a clear-cut sign you’ll need new brakes soon. 

While it’s normal to hear a bit of squealing when you tap the brake in rainy conditions, it constantly happening is a symptom of a much larger problem. Worn-out brake pads are the most common reason for squealing. Or, there might be a rust buildup on your brake rotor. 

A trained Danville brake repair specialist can quickly diagnose the problem for you. 

2. The Brake Pedal Shakes


It’s not normal for the brake pedal to shake or vibrate, so if you experience this, consider it a warning sign that your vehicle needs repair. Quick. 

A vibrating brake pedal is a symptom of warped rotors. in most cases. this vibrating results from excessive, severe braking for extended periods. If you’ve ever driven out of a paid garage with a steep incline, you know what this excessive braking is like. Regardless of how it happens, warped rotors result from a great deal of friction. When this friction occurs, the rotors get overheated and begin to warm. 

3. Your Vehicle is Pulling to One Side


Is your car pulling to one side whenever you tap the brake pedal? If so, this isn’t normal. However, it is a common thing you’ll experience with worn down or uneven brake linings. 

A brake specialist can determine whether or not pulling is the result of something being in the brake fluid or if you simply need a brake adjustment. In many cases, a car that pulls to one side results from worn down brake pads, warped rotors, stress on the braking system, or another type of caliper problem. 

4. You Hear a Harsh, Grinding Sound


One of the easiest ways to determine you need new brakes is by the sound this type of situation makes. Your vehicle’s brake pads have little metal ridges on the bottom called an indicator. When these wear down, it signals to the driver that new brake pads are needed. 

Brake pads are good for 20,000-30,000 miles on average. In some cases, this ends up being half of the lifespan of your brakes. Driving on worn-down brake pads can have significant consequences and costly repairs the longer the metal parts rub together. 

5. Low/Poor Responsiveness


If your car takes longer than it should to stop when you hit the brakes, it could signify a more significant brake problem. 

Low responsiveness occurs when your vehicle is low on brake fluid. Brakes force our vehicle to a stop, so when you’re experiencing low responsiveness, you have to tend to it as soon as possible. Whether this is just a quick fix or a sign of a leak is up for your auto repair mechanic to decide and treat. 

However, if there is a leak, you may be able to spot it early on. If you notice a puddle of brake fluid beneath your vehicle when parked, take it into the shop immediately. Brake fluid looks like oil but isn’t as slick to the touch. 

How to Check Your Brakes

A common sign that you need new brakes is if your vehicle starts pulling to one side.
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It’s always a good idea for you to check your brakes now and then to make sure they’re working correctly. While bringing them into the repair shop when they need repair is excellent, you can also prevent significant repairs by bringing your vehicle in for routine, preventative maintenance

Stoop down next to your car and look into the spaces in between your wheels’ spokes to look at your brake pads. If the brake pads look greater than a quarter of an inch, everything is probably fine. But if they look less than that, it’s a good idea to bring them into the auto repair shop, even if you haven’t experienced symptoms of brake repair yet. 

Preventative brake maintenance is easy to keep your car up to snuff before things get worse. When you’re ready to move forward, the trained mechanics at George Automotive Services can help. 

Looking for the Nearest Brake Repair Shop? The Mechanics at George Automotive Services Have You Covered


Out of all the components on your car, your brakes are one of the most important. Whether you need a brake fluid replacement or a brake adjustment, the trained specialists at George Automotive Services have you covered. 

Conveniently located in Danville, George Automotive Services proudly helps all residents in Montour County with their automotive needs. We welcome you to check out our reviews to learn more about our top-rated brake services in Danville. Call us today at 570-275-2610 to schedule your brake repair appointment. 

Our auto shop is at 533 Jacobs Alley, Danville, PA, 17821. We proudly offer same-day service, and the ability to make an appointment to get your brakes fixed. 

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