Auto Services You Need Before A Road Trip

After the last couple of years, Americans can use a good old-fashioned road trip. Whether you are going to the next town over for a staycation, or across the country to visit family, be sure your car is road trip ready with these helpful services. George Automotive Services in Danville PA is here to help you get these services knocked out before road trips and celebratory weekends.

Auto AC Service

We may live in Pennsylvania, but that does not exclude us from that summer heat. Nothing could be worse than getting in the car for your road trip, and it is sweltering outside, and your ac does not work. Thirty minutes could feel like hours. Now imagine a whole cross-country trip. Do yourself and your passengers a favor this holiday and get an air conditioning service to ensure your system is working at peak performance.


Keeping up with your car’s brake maintenance keeps you safe while driving. You might be in bumper-to-bumper traffic or driving down the interstate; either way, your brakes need to work for you to come to a stop safely. Driving every day, you may not think too much about your brakes, but it would be best to ensure they can effectively and safely stop your car before a busy driving holiday weekend. Schedule brake service today.


Your tires are the only part of the car that comes in contact with the road, so it is essential to keep them in top condition. Your tire could have a slow leak you don’t know about, worn tread, or even a weak sidewall. A tire inspection from professionals is the best way to spot and fix these issues before severe tire damage. It is never fun to spend time waiting on the side of the road for help or changing a flat tire. Let the professionals at George Automotive Services inspect your tires and help keep them in top shape for your trip.


Bring your car into the bays of George Automotive Services before the weekend. Get the most of your trip and put your car worries behind you. Give us a call or visit our website to set an appointment online for service.