Signs of Transmission Problems That Need Immediate Attention

You rely on your vehicle’s transmission more than you realize. Not only does it shift the gears, but it also transfers power to the driveshaft to get your wheels rolling. George Automotive Services is a full-service auto shop in Danville, Pennsylvania, and we maintain, repair, and replace automatic and manual transmissions. The key to keeping any repair bill as inexpensive as possible is bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of transmission problems. Let’s talk more about this below.

Signs of Transmission Problems

Some automotive problems are subtle; transmission problems are not. Because this automotive system transfers power to your wheels, you will likely notice transmission problems right away. Signs your transmission is going bad include

  • Strange sounds such as clunking, grinding, or whining
  • Buzzing, humming, or whining when in neutral
  • Difficulty putting your transmission into gear
  • Delays going into gear or shifting between gears
  • Smells that indicate something is overheating
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Gears that slip out of gear
  • Power loss at acceleration or while driving
  • Check engine warning light

As we mentioned above, the sooner you have any automotive concern addressed, especially the transmission, the better chance you have of saving money. If the transmission is damaged and you continue to operate your vehicle, you run the risk of causing further problems.

Transmission Fluid Colors

Another sign of transmission problems is the color of your vehicle’s transmission fluid. As with other automotive fluids, the color can change, and as it does, it tells automotive specialists how well it is doing its job. In the case of transmission fluid, new fluid is red and it turns light brown as it ages. Once the fluid turns brown-to-dark brown, it’s old and needs to be changed. Pink transmission fluid means your cooling system is leaking coolant into the transmission and, as you can imagine, this is a huge problem.

Transmission Service

One of the ways to avoid any of the transmission problems listed above is to have your transmission serviced regularly. Generally, transmission service is recommended every 30,000 miles, but it really depends on whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission and what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. Servicing the transmission when recommended, however, ensures minor issues are caught before they become huge headaches.

Call George Automotive Services in Danville, PA, today. We’ll schedule a service visit for your automobile’s transmission to make sure everything is a-okay. If not, we’ll discuss the necessary repairs in detail with you and move forward once you approve the work to be done.