How Can I Tell if My Fuel Pump Is Bad?

The fuel pump is responsible for drawing the gasoline or diesel fuel out of the tank and pumping it through to the engine. Once it’s in the engine, the fuel injectors spray the correct amount of fuel into the combustion chamber to be mixed with air to fire up and keep your engine running. George Automotive Services advises that there are specific signs that can indicate that your fuel pump is going bad. Here is what those signs are.

Dead Engine

If the fuel pump is unable to pump at all, you will end up with zero gasoline in your engine and you won’t be able to start your automobile. Unfortunately, this problem will continue until such time as you replace the faulty fuel pump.

Engine Sputters

You may get some signs before this actually happens, however. For example, if your engine sputters while you are accelerating and driving, this is a sign that the engine is fuel-starved, and the problem could be a malfunctioning fuel pump.

Engine Surges

Another issue that can occur is if the fuel pump gets stuck in the open position, your engine will surge. This means it will pick up speed sporadically even though you haven’t changed your foot pressure on the accelerator. This can be frightening as you’re driving along.

Low Pressure

One way to tell if your fuel pump is not pumping correctly is to check your fuel pressure. Look in your owner’s manual to find out what your fuel pressure should be, and then use a gauge that can be bought at an auto parts store e to test the fuel pressure to see if it’s within the appropriate range. If it isn’t, your pump is going bad.


Sometimes, when the fuel pump can’t draw enough fuel out of the tank, it will begin to overheat. The fuel acts as a coolant for the pump’s motor, and too little fuel will overheat the motor. This heat will be transferred to your engine and it, too, will overheat.

Poor Fuel Economy

Anytime your engine is fuel-starved or getting too much fuel, you will notice a reduction in your fuel economy. This is especially true if the engine is burning away excess fuel that is being pushed through by an open fuel pump.

Stress Power Loss

Finally, stress power loss is another common sign that your fuel pump is going bad. For example, if your vehicle lags terribly when you’re going up a steep hill or when you are towing things, this points to a fuel delivery problem and that points to a bad pump.

George Automotive Services in Danville, PA, can help. We can inspect your fuel pump to see if it’s functioning properly. Call us today for an appointment.

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